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Healing Balm


The Healing Balm is a powerful, all-natural solution for relief from muscle pain and soreness. Formulated with CBD, this balm can help reduce inflammation and provide targeted relief when applied topically to areas of discomfort. It’s made with a blend of vegan ingredients like candelilla wax and natural oils that work together to nourish and protect your skin. Whether you’re dealing with muscle pain and soreness or are looking for natural pain relief, this balm is a great choice.

  • 1,000mg CBD

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A skin-soothing salve to rub directly onto sore muscles. Healing Balm lets you target the areas of your body most in need of the healing properties of CBD – without all the junk found in OTC pain relief creams.

CBD – one of nature’s best anti-inflammatories, it’s a key ingredient in reducing muscle soreness and pain

Olive Seed Oil – great for your heart, but also your skin! Olive seed oil is loaded with antioxidants and promotes the production of collagen.

Rosehip Seed Oil – the polyphenols and anthocyanin in rosehip oil help speed muscle recovery and aid in soreness.

Rosemary Leaf Extract – Rosemary is considered both a pain reliever and an anti-inflammatory. Studies have shown it significantly reduces the markers associated with delayed onset muscle soreness.

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