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Black Ice Smalls

(24 customer reviews)


Don’t break the budget to enjoy premium west coast flower, introducing our THCa Smalls, Black Ice. A potent blend of Black Domina and White Widow. These small but mighty buds pack a punch of earthy richness with a sweet undertone, offering a premium cannabis experience in a compact format.

◆ Black Domina x White Widow

◆ Indica Dominant Hybrid

◆ Premium Indoor

◆ Whole Micro Buds

◆ Ships within 24 -48 hours ◆ Free shipping over $99

Black Ice THCa Smalls

Our THCa smalls offer a potent blend of Black Domina and White Widow strains in a compact and budget-friendly format. These small yet mighty buds deliver a punch of earthy richness with sweet undertones. Grown indoors and trimmed to perfection, our THCa Smalls are ideal for those seeking quality without compromise.

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24 reviews for Black Ice Smalls

  1. C

    cchlckd (verified owner)

    Fuckin impressed at 60 h, 99 0z. These smalls are Better quality than 99% of vendors full size. Smell is as described, looks identical

  2. M

    minorafroman24 (verified owner)

    Not the craziest smell, but it makes up for it in looks, taste, and effects! As soon as you break open one of these nugs, you can see all the trichomes caked on the inside it looks beautiful 😪. 9/10

  3. P

    Paul (verified owner)

    As described. Very high quality smalls.

    Taste and smell are very old school, and remind me herb from the early 2000s. You just don’t see these genes so often anymore.

    Perfect cure, not muted whatsoever. Highly reccomended .

  4. EK

    Elisha Konecky (verified owner)

    Really great flower. Smell is pretty on point, looks amazing, and effects are the best part. Very Strong Indica.

  5. BT

    Brodrick T

    Please keep this strain as a permanent staple in yalls menu oh my lord this right here is some good stuff perfect buds beautiful true 10/10 who do i need to give money in this company for this strain to stay

  6. AT

    Aaron T. (verified owner)

    Perfect. Some people don’t understand smells are strain dependant. This is am old school black domina (4 way cross by sensi seeds in 1990s) and White widow. Both very very afghanica in structure and smells. Very woody earthy scent. Its how its supposed to smell. I grew Afghani and hash plants and black domina exclusively for years from Sensi seeds as well as widow..this is a fine specimens. Cure was Great, jot too dry, not too wet. Tasted great, gets you parked macros and regular pics accompanied

    Image #1 from Aaron T.
    Image #2 from Aaron T.
  7. D

    Daniel (verified owner)

    Everything about this was amazing. From the price to the taste, I was pleasantly surprised. Really, really good stuff to pair with the rosin!

  8. KC

    Kyle Crain (verified owner)

    This made some beautiful rosin. One of the best presses sonfsr for smalls.

    Image #1 from Kyle Crain
  9. A

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Top quality and shipped quickly! Wonderful smell and smokes great!

  10. A

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Clean smoke, high quality, lovely looking nugs and a great deal.

  11. PJ

    Payton Jarnigan (verified owner)

    Super good flower, this stuff is a knockout no lie, im loving this before bedtime its an incredibly relaxing vibe. Super mellow smoke not harsh. 5/5 no question from me! So glad after all these years to find something mixed with white widow!
    Amazing looks to honestly 6/5 prettiest stuff i’ve ever gotten.

  12. SC

    Scott Chapel (verified owner)

    Hands down one of the, if not the best, thca companies out their. Price is outstanding (compared to pa med prices) and also quality. Definitely better flower, even the smalls, than our “medical” system product here in pa (atleast they dont keif the flower here). Ive tried multiple companies, multiple and i will shop no where else now. Thanks hellomary

  13. PJ

    Payton J. (verified owner)

    Black ice has a very unique smell/taste which im guessing is from its lineage. Lets be real here. These are beautiful 5/5 small nugs, the product itself is great. I just may not be a fan of this particular strain myself and thats okay, the effects alone still warrant 5 stars in my opinion.. The effects were incredible. The only thing off is the nose, which as i said probably from its lineage, but effects are certainly a heavy indica dominant couch lock. If you are a fan of couch lock this is for you no question.

    Image #1 from Payton J.
    Image #2 from Payton J.
  14. A

    Anonymous (verified owner)


  15. M

    Max (verified owner)


  16. A

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    This was gas. Straight gas. Bag appeal 10/10. Smoke 9/10. Effects StuckOnTheCouch/10

  17. RR

    Rich Russ (verified owner)

    this was apart of my first order and maaaaaaann!!!! blew my expectations out of the water with this!
    the nose in the bag was very earthy and mellow but the flavor was semi sweet. but the effects was amazing it honestly had me stuck! 10/10

  18. TM

    The Mac (verified owner)

    What a great strain! By far one of the iciest in my collection. Big on trichome coverage but low on aroma—almost muted. The buds were large and came in plastic trays, so I was impressed by the “non-smalls” method. When broken apart, there’s a mild kush/haze/skunk smell, but you have to get up close to notice it. The effects were a solid 10/10. It would be perfect if not for the faint aroma, as it’s basically IG quality.

  19. J

    Jalen (verified owner)

    Top Tier

    Image #1 from Jalen
  20. JS

    Jeff S. (verified owner)

    Black Ice smalls are fire! Small dark green trichome covered frosty buds that pack a punch! Smells of mossy earth with a taste of grape gas. This strain runs to couch lock central.

    Image #1 from Jeff S.
  21. A

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Black Ice lacked on Terps, there was none but the smoke was great. 6/10 for this one

    Image #1 from Anonymous
  22. TT

    Terry T. (verified owner)

    This is a solid 10/10 all around.

    Image #1 from Terry T.
    Image #2 from Terry T.
  23. S

    Stoned (verified owner)

    Heavy! Very top notch again. Had banana berry and this as a first go. Super exquisite stuff here!!!! No doubt y’all are the best rn hands down those 2 were quality

  24. XL

    Xavier Lane (verified owner)

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