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Focus Gummies


Looking for a delicious and convenient way to support focus and concentration? Look no further than Focus Gummies. These gummies are packed with a blend of natural ingredients, including mushrooms, cannabinoids, and nootropics, all carefully formulated to help improve mental clarity and alertness. Whether you’re working on a big project, preparing for an exam, or simply want to stay sharp throughout the day, Focus Gummies are a tasty and effective way to get the support you need.

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Whether your goal is better focus in the boardroom or in the gym, Focus Gummies combine cannabinoids with nootropics known to enhance mental clarity, including 5 different types of mushrooms. No afternoon slumps here.

Milligrams per gummy: CBG 30mg, L-Theanine 30mg, Chaga 30mg, Lions mane 30mg, Reishi 30mg, cordyceps 30mg, Maitake 30mg, CBC 10mg, B-12 5mg

CBG –has shown to support neurogenesis, the growth of new brain cells – leading to greater capacity for focus and attention

Green tea extract (L-theanine) – will increase cognitive performance and mental clarity, it’s what makes green tea such a heavy hitter.

B-12 – it’s a necessary vitamin your body doesn’t produce on its own. It improves your mood and give you an energy boost!

Chaga – one of nature’s “superfoods” that supports a healthy stress response – is just what you need on days with tight deadlines or hard workouts.

Lion’s Mane – is a mushroom powerhouse! It’s works best when combined with Chaga and supports cognitive function for increased energy and focus.

Cordyceps – promote endurance for those extra taxing days. This mushroom is known to improve your oxygen consumption, making your brain and muscles work more efficiently.

Reishi – is a great mushroom for the brain, it helps alleviates stress and fatigue.

Maitake– strengthens cognitive systems by improving memory, focus, and mood

CBC – a lesser-known cannabinoid, it’s fast becoming a favorite for its mood-boosting benefits.

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hellomary thca hemp cannabis flower concentrate live rosin prerolls vape shop
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