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LA Pop Rocks x Purple Push Pop

(5 customer reviews)


Sweeten up the sense with LA Pop Rocks x Purple Push Pop! This strain offers frosty nugs with a sweet flavor profile with hints of sugary berries, vanilla, and hints of diesel. This indica dominant was created from a cross of LA Pop Rocks and Purple Push Pop, this strain promises to keep your body and mind at ease with its soothing effects.

◆ LA Pop Rocks x Purple Push Pop

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LA Pop Rocks x Purple Push Pop THCa Flower

Experience the delightful fusion of LA Pop Rocks x Purple Push Pop! This indica-dominant hybrid combines the sweet essence of berries, vanilla, and a touch of diesel, creating a flavorful and soothing experience. Crafted from the marriage of LA Pop Rocks and Purple Push Pop, this strain promises a relaxing journey for both body and mind, perfect for unwinding after a long day.

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5 reviews for LA Pop Rocks x Purple Push Pop

  1. @I

    @glidingsentiments Instagram

    (30 years of smoking experience with a sky high flower tolerance)This flower is straight up Amazing. Real deal funk of the pop Rocks come through very nicely. Huge gorgeous flowers that are fresh as can be and sticky AF. Effects are very present and strong!! This is legit Cali quality. What a blessing this place is!!!!

  2. NP

    Nathaniel Pence (verified owner)

    I’ve smoked tons of exotic bud and this in my 18 years of smoking is some of the best flower I’ve smoked. freshly packaged. Very stinky. Very sticky (I used scissors instead of a grinder) frosty AF and the taste is just as good.

  3. KL

    Kent Le (verified owner)

    i wanna preface this by saying I bought a half oz of this strain after seeing some posts in the cult hyping it up as some of best theyve smoked in 18-30 years. (maybe u saw it too)

    got my half oz in yesterday and it was the only thing i smoked all day. the bud i got wasnt sticky at all, contrary to what the other 2 reviews claim, but im chalking that up to it sitting in customs for a week before getting to me.
    the smell was muted as others in the cult have mentioned with HM flower, but what did come thru was a slightly sweet and piny scent. (also chalking this up to sitting in a hot customs warehouse for a week)
    the nugs i received were on the smaller side which came as a disappointment; this was my first time ordering from HM but i think ill be sticking to their smalls from here on out as 140 for a half oz for nugs that arent really that big just isnt worth it for me.
    with that being said; these nugs were small but picturesque. very pretty nugs with good color and a thin coat of dust all over the exterior. however, the nugs dont leave my grinder as dusty as some other stuff i got which was disappointing (and came as a surprise) because this stuff costs more.

    (maybe i got a bad batch? because my nugs looked pretty underwhelming compared to what the other 2 reviews are saying)

    the high felt very clean, not much flavor came through as i hit the bowl; but after the first hit i was put into a good mood, like the feeling you might get when youre slightly buzzed off alcohol. i didnt feel as much of a stoney effect as i do with other strains or when i smoke a lot at once; that is to say, i felt i could maintain clear thought throughout the high and didnt struggle with any brain fog. in that way the strain reminds of the high id get smoking jack herer (one of my favorite strains).

    overall id rate this purchase a 4 stars
    while this was a fine strain and a pleasurable high, the price just isnt worth it to me personally. I think that if you want to charge this much for regular nugs over smalls, then you gotta dish out some bigger nugs. i hold this stance as ill spend 200 on some locally grown gas here and the nugs they give me are these 8th sized dusty ass pungent mugs that leave my grinder caked in dust at the corners every time i grind it. if im buying bud thats breaching that 200/oz price threshold, then it better clear what im already buying.

  4. DW

    Devin Williams (verified owner)

    This was some of the best za, I have ever smoked. I even dmed you guys to let you know my @d_williams28

    Image #1 from Devin Williams
    Image #2 from Devin Williams
    Video #1 from Devin Williams
  5. A

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Some of the best tasting bud I’ve ever had.

    Image #1 from Anonymous
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la pop rocks x purple push pop hello mary thca hemp flower

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