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Wi-Fi Live Rosin 2g

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Elevate your mood and creativity with WiFi THCa Live Rosin, a slightly sativa-dominant hybrid known for its high-powered effects and sweet citrus flavor. This hybrid weed strain, born from the genetic fusion of Fire OG and The White, delivers a powerful high that uplifts the spirit and invigorates the mind. Get ready to soar with White Fire OG.

  • Fire OG x The White
  • Sativa Dominant Hybrid
  • 2g Jar

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Prepare to ignite your senses with White Fire OG, a dynamic hybrid weed strain that commands attention with its impressive potency and invigorating effects. Known by multiple aliases such as WiFi OG, WiFi, White Fire, and WiFi Kush, this legendary creation is the result of a genetic cross between Fire OG and The White, two esteemed strains in the cannabis community.

White Fire OG exudes a mesmerizing aroma that combines the earthy, fuel-like notes of Fire OG with the subtle sweetness of The White, creating a sensory experience that tantalizes the palate and captivates the senses. As the thick clouds of smoke envelop you, prepare for a journey of upliftment and cerebral stimulation.

With its high THC content, White Fire OG delivers a euphoric rush that uplifts the spirit and clears the mind, making it ideal for creative endeavors or social gatherings. Whether seeking inspiration or simply looking to unwind after a long day, White Fire OG offers a versatile and dynamic experience that satisfies both novice and seasoned consumers alike.

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4 reviews for Wi-Fi Live Rosin 2g

  1. M


    Smells and smokes like straight gas!!

  2. N


    Love this in my puffco

  3. A

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Some of the better rosin I’ve had from thca vendors!

    Image #1 from Anonymous
  4. A

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Fire rosin at a fair price

    Image #1 from Anonymous
    Image #2 from Anonymous
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