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Banana Blast Rosin

(23 customer reviews)


Get ready to chill with Banana Blast THCa Live Rosin, an indica dominant hybrid grown and washed in California. Each 1-gram jar is packed with fruity and candy like flavors that lifts your mood and relaxes you.

◆ Banana OG x Purple Punch Bomb

◆ Indica Hybrid

◆ Indoor Living Soil

◆ Ships within 24 -48 hours ◆ Free shipping over $99

Banana Blast THCa Live Rosin

Get ready for relaxation with Banana Blast THCa Live Rosin, an indica-dominant hybrid grown and washed in California. Each 1-gram jar is  packed with fruity and candy-like flavors that not only uplift your mood but also bring a deep sense of tranquility.

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23 reviews for Banana Blast Rosin

  1. A

    Abby (verified owner)

    First dab made my head spin. A+

  2. A

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Super nice

  3. A

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Amazing terps on these budget rosin. I’ve never had rosin this cheap with this music quality.

    Image #1 from Anonymous
  4. BT

    Brodrick T. (verified owner)


  5. D

    Daniel (verified owner)

    They just keep getting better and better!

  6. EG

    Ethan G. (verified owner)

    My favorite of the bunch. It was sweet, fruity, and very funky. Overall great dab

  7. A

    Adam (verified owner)

    Fantastic product super sweet and terpy. Tastes amazing!

    Image #1 from Adam
  8. B

    Brandon (verified owner)

  9. KC

    Kyle Crain (verified owner)

    Always good

  10. J

    Jared (verified owner)

    Great! Good flavor, great smell, great high.

  11. PS (verified owner)


  12. A

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  13. A

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  14. A

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    this is some of the best rosin i’ve ever had! the smell of funky gassy bananas is absolutely intoxicating. make sure to dab this at the right temp for a divinely fruity exhale

    Image #1 from Anonymous
  15. J

    Jason (verified owner)

    Great Banana flavor

  16. A

    Anonymous (verified owner)

  17. A

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Nice rosin. Can’t beat it for the price

  18. A

    Aaron (verified owner)

    A blast of banana for my taste buds

    Image #1 from Aaron
  19. I

    Ivan (verified owner)

    Super Tasty!

  20. T

    Taylor (verified owner)

    Solid rosin for the price. Nice banana bubble gum nose with taste that translates.

  21. A

    Anonymous (verified owner)

    Packaging is clean and discreet, the rosin is fantastic. Smells so good and I love the jar labeling art! Forever customer here.

  22. MP

    Melani P. (verified owner)

    I absolutely LOVE banana terps so this one was definitely a top favorite.

    Video #1 from Melani P.
  23. A

    Anonymous (verified owner)

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